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With our passion to create and offer the best in construction equipment industry, we provide technically advanced construction equipment, with a promise to provide end to end solutions. With huge investments in technology, infrastructure and the best talent in the industry, what we produce is nothing but the best.

Bar Bending Machine

Leaders in rebar bending machine, that bends in precision, saving time and efforts


  • Electrical Breaking System Motor Without Brake Liners & Magnet Coil Components
    Advantages:Reduces Breakdown
    Benefits:Increase productivity and recurring maintenance cost.
  • Compact & User-friendly Design
    Advantages:Easy to operate,adjustable guiderollers with dual operation by hand and foot.
    Benefits:Increases Productivity and operator's efficiency.
  • 'ZZ' Sealed Bearing & Oil Seal in Gear Box
    Advantages:prevents entry of the iron dust powder inside the gear box.
    Benefits:Increases life of gear box.

Bar Cutting Machine

Leaders in rebar Cutting machine, that cut in precision, saving time and efforts.


  • Flywheel Dynamically Balanced Advantages:Less vibrations & Less noice. Benefit-Longer life of moving
  • Hardened plates behind the cutting Blades & for Guiding Steel Rods
  • Advantages:Supports the plates and does not allow the gap to be created between body and the blade.
    Benefits: Safety of operator.
  • Two Roller Supports
    Advantages:Two operators can store rods in bulk on these rollers and pull them.
    Benefits:Increase in productivity and no damage to machine body.

R&P Man and Material Hoist



  • Various Models of Hoist
  • world class safety standards
  • exit gate with landing
  • platform & ralling
  • entry gate
  • buffer spring
  • base enclosure
  • cate with perforated steel plate
  • VFD of schneider electronics
  • world-class quantity gear box
  • special jib with winch
  • end mast
  • limit switches

Tower Crane

ower cranes are a common fixture at any major construction site. They're pretty hard to miss -- they often rise hundreds of feet into the air, and can reach out just as far. The construction crew uses the tower crane to lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches and generators, and a wide variety of other building materials.

All models are CE aproved and ISO 9001 certified
Models available
Top Kit:JT80 F5,JT100 F6, JT100 F8, JT120 G6, JT145 H10, JT145 H10, JT170 H10, JT300 K12, JT300 K16
Topless: JTT110 G8, JTT500 N24, JTT500 N32
Luffing Crane:JTL85 C5, JTL110 D6, JTL120 E8, JTL140 F10


  • ANSYS softwares anaysed tower crane structure safety
  • PRO-E 3 dimensional software design
  • European technology and design.

Rope Suspended Platform

ZLP series rope construction platform is a new decorating machinery, which can replace the traditional scaffold and is mainly used in decorating, cleaning and maintenance of external walls of high buildings, such as cement coating, wall brick coating, painting, glass installing, ship building and repairing, big vessels, bridges, dams, chimneys, etc. Using Qingfengshun suspended platform can reduce work intensity and raise work efficiency.


  • Anti-Tilting Safety Lock for Rope Breakage.
  • Electrical Control System.
  • High Quality Steel Wire Rope.
  • Optional Overload Sensor.
  • 3-8 Degree Cable Locking Angle.
  • Advanced Suspension Mechanism.

Multi Rider


Multi Rider / Tower Hoist is an instrument used for handling different material at the construction site. Our Multi Rider comes with modular angular frame that helps in adjusting height. We are known for using excellent quality raw materials in the manufacturing process. Our Multi Rider is highly esteemed in the market because of its robust construction, great strength and high performance. Our Tower Hoist is a highly efficient Multi Rider Crusher. We are one of the leading Tower Hoist Crane Manufacturers in India providing reasonably priced products.

  • These riders construction machinery are widely used due to their longer working life and sturdy structure
  • Offered riders construction machinery are acknowledged for their hassle free operation and flawless finish
  • Unmatched performance and high operational fluency of our riders construction machinery have been recognized

Batching Machine


  • Concrete batching plant consists of mixing console, material weighing system, conveyor belts, material storage system and control system five major system components and other ancillary facilities. Now we will introduce the concrete batching plant selection principles.
  • Aggregating batching plant selection principles: As the silo feeding by the impact of auxiliary equipment and venues, storage bin volume should be optional larger. Single storage bin volume is more than 20m3. If the feeding type adopts conveyor belt, the storage bin can be larger to reduce the area of the stockyard.
  • Measuring system selection principles: Currently, the measuring system is weighing measurement, this system divided into two forms: cumulative measurement and independent measurement. The cumulative measurement has such advantages: simple structure, easy maintenance and low feeding height. But the measurement accuracy can not be controlled separately. Independent measurement features are: individually controlled measurement accuracy, more complex structure, feeding height increases, so that the cost has increased.
  • Concrete batching plant is generally fully enclosed, equipped with centralized dust removal device. In cold areas should be considered cold winter construction requirements. Open batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant are poor in environmental performance, currently in these new commercial concrete batching plants have been rarely seen, in some areas have been prohibited.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixtures


  • Electric lubricating oil pump: Supplying oil to the four shaft-end respectively with four pump cores,without by-pass valve,to avoid blocking of by-pass valve,desreasing maintenance and service
  • Shaft-end seal: Original-imported parts installation, to avoid cement and slurry closed to shaft-head
  • Gear box: Adopt Italy geax box,long serive life,lower noise, no oil leakage
  • Discharging system: Hydraulic discharging system, strong drive force, reliable discharging, can open discharging gate at any angle. Manual discharge, dismountable discharging door, convenient for maintenance.

Batching Plants


  • Minimum aggregate loading height
  • Robust structure with corrugated bins
  • Large mixer platform for ease of maintenance
  • Added safety with double wire rope for skip
  • Control cabin included in standard scope
  • Drive through design for increased productivity
  • Special configuration for Ice dosing and Micro silica dosing
  • The Skip Hoist or Belt arrangement option for mixer loading

Car Parking System

  • Vertical cycle series cubic parking garage which is a mechanical vehicle parking equipment that adopt parking system doing vertical cycle movement equipment. Which working principle is the gear. In the traction chain, install a parking car frame each certain distance, when the motor starts, the car parking frame doing cycle movement along with the chain, which achieve car parking purpose