Recuirtment of Engineers & Staff

Heavens Planet has a team of 100+ recruitrers dedicated towards recuirtment of Engineers,Admin and HR Category Candidates.Heavens Planet has a database in its own for Engineers and also maintains links with 95% of Candidates deployed by us. A very high percentage of our selection takes place through our network.Heavens Planet also maintains its own portals.Candidates are presented to the Client after intensive interviews.

Recuirtment of Tradesman

Heanens Planet has the ability to recruit the most skilled candidates.Our recruiting process ensures quality by shortlisting only those candidates who pass the trade test conducted by our engineers.We have different sourcing centres in India.This allows us to deal with the workers directly and not through sub agents or partners. Dealing directly with workers helps us eliminate exploitation and gather quality workers as a good worker will never buy a job.

Skill Up-Gradation Services

Heavens Planet runs its own skill up-gradation facilities where Food,Accommodation and Medical are provided to Candidates in a Camp like environment where strict discipline is maintained. Heavens Planet has different skill up-gradation center in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and China. This service is unique to Heavens Planet and not offered by any other recruiting agent. Skill Up-Gradation are provided for different sectors like

  • Oil Gas & Petroleum
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Civil,Infrastructure & Marine
  • Hospitality & IT

Labour Recruitment Process

  • Demand Received
  • Short-Listing
  • Selection
  • Documentation
  • Skill-Up Gradation
  • Dispatch